Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Three day Reebok project

So I've been neglecting my Blog for a whole month. Spring break happened in March. That may possibly be the best spring break I've had. I took a small tour of Italy via Pisa, Cinque Terre, Lago di Como, Milano, Torino and my family's sleepy little town of San Giorgio Canavese.

But soon after I got back to applying for internships. I managed to apply to Reebok earlier this week and I got a response of "here's a project, due Arpil 10." I read that there was some application project but I didn't know what it was about really. I guess I have three days to design a shoe, or sporting apparel, or some graphic tees/pattern depending on what area I'd like to go in to. I'm looking at the shoe or apparel. They both have to use Reeboks philosophy in a sports or sports inspired project. The toughest part is who Reebok is.

I know I'm going to focus on something for Italy or Italian related since I'm here. Looks like my unfocused bag and logo project have been put on hold. Same goes for anything else really.

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