Sunday, December 14, 2008

After a long period of who knows what

It's been two days since the semester ended for me. The Nike studio is over and we'll get the result much later. In January I think. Just refresh, there will be a winning group and "if there's room" the shoes will be prototyped. You know, real shoes! Not that they will be put into production, but the level will be just as if it was ready to be produced.

The last two weeks have been the hardest I've ever had for school. I spent most of my time in 010 of the Walter B. Ford building on campus. I even found the good chair with a divot in the seat that can anchor you when you sleep sitting upright. There were many sleepless nights working on final design and many more working on presentation deliverables. Our 2D and verbal presentation were pretty good I think but all of our physical models were...less than desirable?

Either way, this was one of the most [hard, fun, intense, extensive, lengthy, time consuming] classes I've had. I'm thinking about pursuing an internship at a shoe company so I can see how it goes for real. Time now for me to enjoy my own time and prepare for Florence! Waiting for two more parts to get my student visa so far.

Here's my final design with the uniform that I mostly designed. I say mostly because I had some input from my group. Chris mostly designed the warm-ups and "engineered-sock" to go with the rest of our shoe line. Our design theme was hard armored shell on the outside, soft family-like core on the inside (the sock).

Monday, December 1, 2008

November doesn't matter

The entire month of November has passed and not an entry to be found. Basically, Nike has a bit of significance. I'll tell you in two weeks time how it all went.
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