Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Logo 90% complete and new info on my studio

I've finished with these two. Many people like the wheel better and I agree with them as it has more to do with active sporting thing than the cog. The typefaces need some more investigating and the tagline may be removed. I'm thinking I want to work on the wings to match wheel spokes better. I originally wanted something like the airforce logo. I kind of like them now. I'll sleep on it a little bit more. 

I also found out more information on my studio this fall. I knew that it would be sponsored by Nike. Last year, the projects seemed really good. They were to design a shoe for a specific country and sport. There was a lot of research with cultures and such and I think that was really interesting. I'm also in the graphic department and get emails from them. I find in my inbox that the Graphic Dept is looking for students to work with us ID kids on the Nike studio. In the email is the design brief:

"CCS Students work in design teams (3-4 person) to create performance shoe products for any Division 1 college basketball team.  Performance needs will be based on specific style of play and/or player position (speed vs. power, etc.)  Aesthetic soul and visual code will be inspired by the team dynamics, rituals, geographic location, local culture, team/player history, team goals, etc.  The best projects will be rapid prototyped at Nike global headquarters in Beaverton and displayed at Ford Field in Detroit during Final 4 playoffs in Detroit, March 2008."

I'm not a fan of basketball, much less college basketball. I would have much rather done a project about an uncommon sport like curling or fencing or something that doesn't have quite as much coverage. I'm not a fan of any of those high profile sports. I guess I'll have to make the most of it. I suppose once in the profession, I won't be able to get everything that interests me. We'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I've embarked on creating a logo for a group some friends of mine started. It's called Joyride Syndicate. The Syndicate started as a mountain biking group but has since expanded to anything... dare I say it? "X-treme" Let's say a group that encourages an active lifestyle. Actually that's worse. You get the idea. A bunch of dudes that get their jollies from doing fun/stupid things. I spent a little time on it and posted a work-in-progress screenshot. I can't seem to kind my mouse which I prefer to use while designing.

This is a good illustration of my work flow. I work on many ideas on the same document with inspiration onboard as well. I allows me to compare things on the fly. Sometimes I get too caught up in everything rather than hunker down and just design one thing. It was pointed out to me that my subconscious designed from the Top Gear logo. It works well for this project. A spinning gear and a chunky italic typeface. I had the idea of "gear flight" in mind while doing it as well. I need to illustrate better, but I'm picturing a cog in perspective with wings. I'll start with a manual drawing first and then go digital.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home and refreshing

I've returned home for the final three weeks of summer. The more I make the drive from Detroit to the Keweenaw Peninsula, it gets more annoying. The first time was actually fun because I was seeing a lot of Michigan but now I realize that it's mostly freeway driving through some fields. BUT I am home now and it's worth it. Detroit is inspiring in many ways as a designer. But it get wearisome. It's not a bombed out, murder capital but it's no scenic lake shore boulevard cruise either.

I love seeing our canal (I say our because the locals have a ton of pride) as I drive up our many many hills. And it's nice to know we still have a plethora of trees left. At a lookout point, you know there are houses in a particular place but there are so many trees, they hide all the buildings. I have yet to take a leap in to Lake Superior but I will before my time is up here.

I have more on my "what to do while home" list. Let's hope I do it all.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Olympic Torches

The NY Times put together this neat visual database of all the Olympic torches. Notice the Albertville 1992, it was the first departure in mostly similar design and since then have less of a "crafty-handmade" feel and definitely look like product design.

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