Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I've embarked on creating a logo for a group some friends of mine started. It's called Joyride Syndicate. The Syndicate started as a mountain biking group but has since expanded to anything... dare I say it? "X-treme" Let's say a group that encourages an active lifestyle. Actually that's worse. You get the idea. A bunch of dudes that get their jollies from doing fun/stupid things. I spent a little time on it and posted a work-in-progress screenshot. I can't seem to kind my mouse which I prefer to use while designing.

This is a good illustration of my work flow. I work on many ideas on the same document with inspiration onboard as well. I allows me to compare things on the fly. Sometimes I get too caught up in everything rather than hunker down and just design one thing. It was pointed out to me that my subconscious designed from the Top Gear logo. It works well for this project. A spinning gear and a chunky italic typeface. I had the idea of "gear flight" in mind while doing it as well. I need to illustrate better, but I'm picturing a cog in perspective with wings. I'll start with a manual drawing first and then go digital.

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Erin Greener said...

I'm working on a logo too, but mine is a bunny.

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