Thursday, April 30, 2009

I won the contest

Yay! They only need my poster because there is a compilation of exhibits going on. I guess it's going to be in a book and also posted around campus. Unfortunately, the display on my laptop had an anurism and I had to send it in. I won't get it back for a week or so and they might need my original file...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Final(ish) Pieces

Here's my mostly finished poster, A1 (594mm x 841mm). The typeface is Clearface Gothic LT Std, 95 black and 55 roman. I'm not too sure on the subheads tho. My body copy on supporting piece is a safe Garamond and I felt I should include it in the poster too. It was too hard to read so I went back to the roman Clearface. I'm also happy to say the photography is original and mine.

We were also to make little handout flyers on an A3 sized sheet. We're limited to mostly basic printing techniques. We could have folded things, double sided things or something a little more creative if we think of anything. I went with double sided. My size is 1/3 of a horizontal A3 sheet (55mm x 210mm). The type here is Adobe Garamond Pro, regular and italic.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Class project again.

Changed font, and color and added the core to my bucket. I'm still unsure as to which color exactly tho. The text should have been a 100% black but it got knocked down a bit while web prepping it.

One idea I have is to incorporate the color in to the shoes. It may look a little too heavy afterwards, we'll see what happens.

Class project (redux)

I made some web-safe JPGs and it turned out like they should. I would like some input for my internet audience. Color, text, arrangement? The orange one is neat because it grabs the color off the bus but there's not enough contrast. I also should make the paint runs more organic and fitting to the cracks. I need some help with the yellow text placement.

Also, here's a Typeface sampler from the beginning. See anything better than my choices or a typeface you think I should experiment with?

(EDIT: it appears that only one image can be viewed fullsized. At least the color is proper.)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Class project

We've finally have a real assignment for my graphic class. There is a small exhibition for the art students at my school and we are to make the poster for it. The winner from my class will have it posted around the quarter. It's called "The Art is in the Streets." Not the best name really, but it's easy for a concept. I have two posters, one obviously had more time spent on it.

For some reason the color got all messed while uploading. I'm going see what I can do but in the meantime, just look at the concept I guess.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hushpuppy project

Well I unfortunately didn't make the deadline for Reebok. However an opportunity was found on Core77 from Hushpuppy for an any-shoe contest HERE. The deadline for this one is June 30. The prize isn't a job, rather free shoes for a year, a £500 makeover for 5 finalist and the winner will get their shoe produced. I'm mostly looking forward to the makeover...

I'm going to take the same theme from the Reebok thing but not brand it as heavily. The theme, by the way, is a fashionable moped/moto boot. Rather than the sci-fi technical space boot or the heavy duty Harley Davidson style boot you can get, I'm going to have something that will look nice at work and on a moto. Note the Italian influence since 90% of the motor vehicles in Florence is a moped.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Three day Reebok project

So I've been neglecting my Blog for a whole month. Spring break happened in March. That may possibly be the best spring break I've had. I took a small tour of Italy via Pisa, Cinque Terre, Lago di Como, Milano, Torino and my family's sleepy little town of San Giorgio Canavese.

But soon after I got back to applying for internships. I managed to apply to Reebok earlier this week and I got a response of "here's a project, due Arpil 10." I read that there was some application project but I didn't know what it was about really. I guess I have three days to design a shoe, or sporting apparel, or some graphic tees/pattern depending on what area I'd like to go in to. I'm looking at the shoe or apparel. They both have to use Reeboks philosophy in a sports or sports inspired project. The toughest part is who Reebok is.

I know I'm going to focus on something for Italy or Italian related since I'm here. Looks like my unfocused bag and logo project have been put on hold. Same goes for anything else really.
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