Thursday, April 23, 2009

Final(ish) Pieces

Here's my mostly finished poster, A1 (594mm x 841mm). The typeface is Clearface Gothic LT Std, 95 black and 55 roman. I'm not too sure on the subheads tho. My body copy on supporting piece is a safe Garamond and I felt I should include it in the poster too. It was too hard to read so I went back to the roman Clearface. I'm also happy to say the photography is original and mine.

We were also to make little handout flyers on an A3 sized sheet. We're limited to mostly basic printing techniques. We could have folded things, double sided things or something a little more creative if we think of anything. I went with double sided. My size is 1/3 of a horizontal A3 sheet (55mm x 210mm). The type here is Adobe Garamond Pro, regular and italic.

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Erin Greener said...

You used illustrator didn't you.

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