Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hushpuppy project

Well I unfortunately didn't make the deadline for Reebok. However an opportunity was found on Core77 from Hushpuppy for an any-shoe contest HERE. The deadline for this one is June 30. The prize isn't a job, rather free shoes for a year, a £500 makeover for 5 finalist and the winner will get their shoe produced. I'm mostly looking forward to the makeover...

I'm going to take the same theme from the Reebok thing but not brand it as heavily. The theme, by the way, is a fashionable moped/moto boot. Rather than the sci-fi technical space boot or the heavy duty Harley Davidson style boot you can get, I'm going to have something that will look nice at work and on a moto. Note the Italian influence since 90% of the motor vehicles in Florence is a moped.

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