Monday, March 9, 2009

Independent independent study

Because I'm not taking an ID studio this semester, I'm feeling a little withdrawal and need to design more. One idea I'm doodling for is a standard messenger bag, inspired by a recent purchase and seeing these things every where. Another is a graphic exercise to create a logo. I have a slight proposal/description so far but it needs a lot of guidance, opinions, input...

Florence was the center of the Renaissance period. Much of the art was commissioned by wealthy middle class workers and businessmen. These workers made up various guilds for the various industries around the area; wool, silk, gold, banking, etc. Each guild had their own crest to represent them and many are still up on buildings around the city.

Another famous art movement originating in Italy was Futurism. At the beginning of the 1900s, artist were frustrated with having Italy being known only for it's classic art rather than the contemporary. They wanted to look ahead in art and make their own mark on the art community.

Currently, Florence, and most of Italy, has a balance of being historically rich and stylistically forward. What I'd like to do is create a guild-style crest that can fit in contemporary Italy.

One example I found is the logo for the Fiorentina football club. They use classic colors of purple and red with touches of gold. Historically, Florence was 
known for its vivid purple dyes, and the gold for it's wealth. The Florentine giglio (an Italian version of a fleur di'lis) is streamlined to be more modern.

This is where you, my internet audience comes in. I'm not trying to copy this example. This is a logo for a football club and I need to make mine for a different target. I'm not just open to ideas but I'm asking for them. Grazie!
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