Friday, August 15, 2008

Home and refreshing

I've returned home for the final three weeks of summer. The more I make the drive from Detroit to the Keweenaw Peninsula, it gets more annoying. The first time was actually fun because I was seeing a lot of Michigan but now I realize that it's mostly freeway driving through some fields. BUT I am home now and it's worth it. Detroit is inspiring in many ways as a designer. But it get wearisome. It's not a bombed out, murder capital but it's no scenic lake shore boulevard cruise either.

I love seeing our canal (I say our because the locals have a ton of pride) as I drive up our many many hills. And it's nice to know we still have a plethora of trees left. At a lookout point, you know there are houses in a particular place but there are so many trees, they hide all the buildings. I have yet to take a leap in to Lake Superior but I will before my time is up here.

I have more on my "what to do while home" list. Let's hope I do it all.

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