Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Logo 90% complete and new info on my studio

I've finished with these two. Many people like the wheel better and I agree with them as it has more to do with active sporting thing than the cog. The typefaces need some more investigating and the tagline may be removed. I'm thinking I want to work on the wings to match wheel spokes better. I originally wanted something like the airforce logo. I kind of like them now. I'll sleep on it a little bit more. 

I also found out more information on my studio this fall. I knew that it would be sponsored by Nike. Last year, the projects seemed really good. They were to design a shoe for a specific country and sport. There was a lot of research with cultures and such and I think that was really interesting. I'm also in the graphic department and get emails from them. I find in my inbox that the Graphic Dept is looking for students to work with us ID kids on the Nike studio. In the email is the design brief:

"CCS Students work in design teams (3-4 person) to create performance shoe products for any Division 1 college basketball team.  Performance needs will be based on specific style of play and/or player position (speed vs. power, etc.)  Aesthetic soul and visual code will be inspired by the team dynamics, rituals, geographic location, local culture, team/player history, team goals, etc.  The best projects will be rapid prototyped at Nike global headquarters in Beaverton and displayed at Ford Field in Detroit during Final 4 playoffs in Detroit, March 2008."

I'm not a fan of basketball, much less college basketball. I would have much rather done a project about an uncommon sport like curling or fencing or something that doesn't have quite as much coverage. I'm not a fan of any of those high profile sports. I guess I'll have to make the most of it. I suppose once in the profession, I won't be able to get everything that interests me. We'll see how it goes.

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