Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eb and flow

One of my many themes of life is the classic yin/yang, black/white, ebb/flow, pos/neg...etc. As the last post may have illustrated, it wasn't a great day. In contrast, tonight I'm feeling good. I took one of those mind boggling naps where you fall asleep during the day and wake up in the dark and "you don't know what goddamn day it is"  (see Carlin at the 5:16 mark) I tried to sleep in my real bed but to no avail. I remembered I had a quarter of a paragraph written for a film essay due Thursday so I decided to pick that up. But it's a technical writing and doesn't hold my attention very well. So I found the last half of Scrubs season 7 that I missed completely.

OH! You should keep in mind that I have a cup and a half (with the other half still here next to me) of Italian style coffee. OH! And my nonna's biscotti. Mmm. Excellent with coffee of any brewery.

So my mind is a bit razzed. My roommate went to bed so I'm sitting in the mostly-dark room. I like these times. It feels like I'm closer to my own mind, like it's easier to think with fewer distractions around. Also like when there's a black-out and all the lights are out and you can hear better because your brain doesn't have to use the sense of sight.

I should be writing that paper but I'm doing well so I thought I'd take an unrequited break to tell you fine, interweb audience how good I'm feeling. So I think I'll put Daft Punk's Alive back on and jam away at this essay.

PS, I'm thinking a brighter color scheme to reflect my mood, eh?

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