Monday, July 28, 2008

Easier better faster just as strong

I did my 2nd and 1/2 AutoCross yesterday in Ohio. It was pretty good. A friend, Geof, was with me who gave good feedback. Also a fellow Superior Region SCCA member was around and said he'd give me his old STi exhaust for free! Now I won't have to reset me inner ear every time I drive the highways.

I wasn't doing as well as I wanted to, I got a bit squirrely on a corner but I had a cone-free day. Luckily I remembered to mark myself as a novice and I was also included in that class too. Here is what is known as "bench racing." It's where you try and talk yourself up as a better driver and it involves a lot of "seconds" "tenths" tossed around. Biggest thing to remember, I HAD CRAPPY ALL-SEASON TIRES ON. For those who don't know, tires are the most important part of driving, in any way. Whether it's puttering around town or screaming around a chicane.

My I was 3/4 in my novice class, 7/10 in my novice class, 9/11 in my overall class, and 79/85 in the entire race. So not that impressive looking. But this was my 3rd time around any type of course with crappy tires. And I'm sticking to that. It didn't help my ego when the announcer said "I don't want to sell him short but that's a 200hp, turbo charged with AWD." I have the RS not the WRX. I'm not that bad.

Hopefully pictures are to come.

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