Monday, October 18, 2010

Inspire me

Tonight I attended a short presentation by Harmon Liemburg, a graphic designer/print maker, about some of his work and process. I must say, how inspirational. I've been growing bored with my last design for Gas Cap. It's too stale, too rigid. I want to create a gas station that appears fun and approachable. Not chintzy and loud, but something to get away from the rigid corporate look most other fuel companies have.

Liemburg told us about his fascination with some of the Japanese kawaii culture. It's bold and colorful and unashamedly fun. Yes please! He also draws from existing signage. Roadside signs are bold to grap attention out of necessity. Who puts a bear dookie in a poster? I love modernist white boxes but this time I want to get away from there. So I'm on to Gas Cap No2 (just as soon as my portfolio gets wrapped up end of the week).

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