Friday, February 13, 2009

New leather

I made a purchase today of some typical Florentine leather. It's a laptop/briefcase/m'urse. We were in the open market near campus and a guy in a booth asked what we wanted and took us to his shop 'round back. It was like any other leather goods store, purses, wallets, cases. I never got his name, unfortunately, he spoke English very well and was fun to work with promising us good deals. After some decisions not made, he took 35 off the big one I was looking at. I'm happy I have it, the quality is great. Stitching, seams, strap connection, leather feel are all nice. The shop is Andriano, Via dell'Ariento, 43r.

This weekend, Venezia!


Anonymous said...

ah thats nice!
send me one!!

Andrew said...

joe....ur slowly turning metro. yay.

meredith said...

hi joe- how's italia?

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