Monday, February 2, 2009

Ciao Firenze

With internet at a premium, I've not been able to update folks as to how my time in Italy is going. I've just had my first Italian class and using the school's internet at the moment. The closest I can get internet in my apartment is at a gellateria across the street. But since the walls here are two inches shy of being fallout shelter quality, I have to either go to the shop or hide behind out front door. Connection speeds don't allow for speedy photo uploads so I apologize for the few visuals.

Fortunately, my first weekend here had weather that was sunny and inviting for walking. After -2F temperatures in Michigan, 40F feels like spring. I'm still mostly lost around b
ut I've been told it's easy to find your way after a short time. Florence is just like anyone would expect it to be. Art everywhere, musicians on street corners, fashion shops, tiny markets, tiny cars, tinier streets and more gellato shops th
an you can sh
ake a stick at. So far I've cross the Fiume de Arno to Piazza Michelangiolo and saw an imitation David and an amazing view of the city at sunset. The Duomo is amazingly huge on the outside,
I can't wait to visit inside. Also at the piazza, the new Alfa Romeo MiTo and a classic Fiat 500 Abarth.
It wasn't hard to meet people, mostly US students. It seems that there is a common personality that studies abroad. Everyone is excited and nice and genuinely please to meet you. Two of my roommates, M
ar tin and Ed, I know from CCS and the other, Sean, is from Keane State. I met the people
above and below and everyone is really cool in my complex.

My very limited Italian has helped out some, particularly asking questions and prices. I'm still excited to continue my italian class. I really hope I can get around by myself decently by the end.

Ciao tutti!


Erin Greener said...

I hope you're having fun over there.

Vaughan Ling said...

coolio, i guess florence italy is a bit better than living in the PS

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