Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I finally got all my stuff together and got accepted to Lorenzo de Medici! It will be a semester in Florence taking history, graphic design and italian. Sprinkled in there a few trips around Italy and seeing some family and I'm waaay excited. I need to start kicking my ass and using Rosetta Stone more often. It helps but I tend to forget to set 30 min or so aside to practice. I think it's my biggest life goal, to learn Italian. Or being hired as a creative. Hopefully both. 

First things first though, I have to get stuff together for another video conference with Nike. They came last week with some good feedback. They like where my group is going and just keep on keeping on for us. Saturday morning, one of the designers, Jeff, stayed after a little and just got to talk a bit. I left thinking that I'd really like to intern and/or work there. It's not a big weight room over there. You don't have to be a super athlete. I think it's something that I personally couldn't do for a long time. I like to have some creative problem solving. It's the cultural side of Nike shoe designing that gets me. End of the day it's a shoe. Someone will either buy it or not. But the thought and research and learning that the designer does is fascinating in the most fascinating of ways. I can only imagine how much further a shoe designer could go into an individual, culture, team, group, whatevs.

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