Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wild Detroit

It was required for my time-based media class to go out and capture sound in the field. I decided to go to Belle Isle, it was raining and I figured few people would be out there. I was right in that. It was rather pleasant considering the last time I went, well second to last time. The last being for the Grand Prix, RRRWWWWAAAAOOOOO. Anyway, the last time I went to be a visitor of the park, there were way too many people and it just was no fun. This time I felt less rushed and could see the great things to be seen. Lot of water, trees, nice architecture. The closest I've ever been to a heron was in Detroit, go figure. There was a neat little foot path that got increasingly narrower as it went. My feet got pretty went, I have a few mosquito bites, my sound bites weren't that great but I had a good time. I want to go back, with my camera, more times before the snow comes. When that happens, I hear it's fun to go drifting. Wee!

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