Saturday, September 27, 2008


We're having a conference call with our Nike man: Ron White. This is mostly to just give a very brief update on what themes we're focusing on. It's pretty straight forward so far: basketball shoes, MSU as a school, Nike, culture of MSU or sneakers or basketball, basketball the game, and player/team. We've broken those up for each member to focus on and then share. The week follow that, we'll have a video conference with a presentation of our research. And then start designing!

ALSO! Nike gave us templates of their "swoosh" in 15 sizes so we don't mess it up. Corporate identity man, big stuff.

Another big thing, this one coming up sooner, is my first major graphic design project. "Temporal poetry" is the name. We took a poem we enjoy and then analyzed it. Taking our analysis, we took field recordings of sounds that share the same feelings as our analysis. THEN we took any number of words in any order to make a storyboard for the actual motion part. Pretty much the finished piece should be a reflection of the emotions of the poem rather than the literal poem. In around 10 seconds. In fact, I should go do that now as it's due in... 72 hours.

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