Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not without a hitch

I was delighted to get my passport in the mail with a big ole visa sticker inside. And in about one week's time too. I'm still overwhelmed with what I have left to do. I sent my form for side trips in, due tomorrow, on Saturday so it should have been there by now. I still need to apply for an international driving permit. Actually, I don't NEED to but I want to, hopefully it won't be a waste of time and money and I'll be able to drive/ride in Italy sometime.


It was brought to my attention that my student visa is valid from Jan 28-May 25. That is the time that I will be aboard for LdM school. However, I was planning on hanging around until CCS comes over to Europe for a 3-credit class. Those dates are unknown to me at the moment but I do know that the class starts up after my visa expires. I found that that if I want to stay after my visa and permit of stay expires, I'll have to return to the US and apply for another. BUT I don't need a visa if I'm there for LESS than 90 days usually, like on an unrelated month long tourist-type visit. This second class is not 90 days long. And, I think, it's not a real "class" in a school as far as Italy would know. It SEEMS like it's a traveling expedition that I happen to get CCS credit for. So I'm hoping that I can still travel (like a tourist) around Europe after my student visa has expired.

Not done yet folks.

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